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The Age of The Rising Heroes...

Within the Dark Titan Universe ranging from The Swordman, The Powerman, The Nano Man, Commander Norland, Theus, Voltage, Doctor Dark, and even those outside the scope of heroes such as Cinderella, Travis Vail, and Hasadiah Grant. The Dark Titan Universe is filled with a vast amount of characters and a growing rich universe of stories to create a history unseen to those from the outside its realm.

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A World Outside Another...

Dark Titan Extended is the focus outside the realm of the Dark Titan Universe. Featuring characters and stories from The Haunted City, Symbolum Venatores, Instincts, The Apprehension Theory, Clique, Zeus Tons, and many others within the areas of entertainment whether it be film, TV, video games, publishing, licensing, and more.

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"In a time long past, of an age within ages, there was the war."

An IP of mythic science fantasy layered with characters and worlds mixed with mythologies, cultures, and genres throughout the annals of time into one universe from the Cavalier Civil War to the Insurgency to many more eras through multimedia storytelling.

All with the ability to be licensed throughout books, video games, apps, toys, apparel, novelties, TV, and etc.

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